Another nightmare succumbs to the Dream(-team)!



A slightly blurry, but nonetheless existent picture of the team!

Gratz to:

Adriessa, Akette, Chica, Crafternded, Doomkin, Dreamoflesh, Fyona, Getafix, Implaerò, Killforblood, Koeroemayae, Loravard, Mcsibberboyy, Merrdun, Mickyping, Ogin, Promarks, Pythaganos, Reunion, Shamanaya, Shiifu, Slora, Stormovik, Tonilia, Trorin, Twistéd, Whiffsniffer, Xallog and Zynth on the kill!

And thanks to everyone participating in the short period of progression prior to the kill.

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