Welcome to the website of Shadows of Darkness, Bronzebeard EU server.

SoD has been around since vanilla. Once started as a PvP guild by Brianna and Milady, the guild has changed it course by the end of vanilla changing the goals to PvE instead.

During all the expansions, SoD has strived to remain on middle grounds between softcore and hardcore raiding, archieving the bosskills within the timeline we felt comfortable with rather then being patted on the shoulder for being a good boy. This raiding attitude has kept us raiding as a guild through all the expansions up to now, starting as a 25 man guild, which we had to change to a 10 man raiding guild instead at the end of TBC and since Legion obviously 20 man.

Back when Mists went live, several guilds on Bronzebeard ended up struggling to keep raiding teams together, with people going inactive, or switching servers to find greener pastures. Though this started out as a negative, it ended up being a big positive, with several guilds joining our forces, now making us able to say that we’re a team of about 60 raiders, who make up a 25+10+10 on regular basis. Our goals have shifted because of this as well, putting us in a chair where we’re going to try and archieve bigger things then we were before, and we’re making room for progress and mythic raiding team, next to our normal/heroic, more laid back raiding team(s).

Our goals for BfA will consist of having a normal/heroic raiding team, next to our more hardcore mythic progression team. The mythic team will consist out of the players with the best skill around when mythic raiding opens, as well as a properly available schedule.

If you feel you can be an addition to either our casual raiding team, or our progressive raiding team, then check our raiding and DKP rules. If those are to your liking, feel free to drop us an application or have a word with me, my co-GM, or any of our officers 🙂


Xavy, GM of Shadows of Darkness


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