Guild Rules

As in every group of people, we in Shadows also have a set of rules that we expect our members to comply to. These are not strict rules, they’re nothing outside of normal in real life, but better informed then to get surprised.


– We honor Blizzards’ code of conduct on every level. This also means no exploiting, no botting, or any of that sort.

– No racial, religious or sexist demeaning. We appreciate people of any color, any belief, and any sexual preference. If you have an opinion about this, that’s perfectly fine, but keep that opinion to yourself unless it’s sollicited for.

– No childish behavior. World of Warcraft is a game, so logically this will bring a group of minors with it as well. Unfortunately, adults are also known to act like minors. Regardless of your age, behave like an adult and refrain from childish behavior.

– No spam. Wether it’s in guildchat or wether it’s in trade or any other public chat. Nobody appreciates it, and in public channel you are wearing our name. Respect that.

– Within our guild there’s a minimum of 25% of raids to attend. If you can’t commit to that, then unfortunately we are not the guild for you.

– If you’re motivated by Mythic raiding, then obviously that percentage will be a lot higher.


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