Raiding Rules

What we expect from our raiders :

– No chatting in general chat during raids. It’s all fine and dandy that you can choose to hide the chat, but I’m not going to ask anyone to do that because you feel like acting like a douche. If you wanna speak to people, use different means, and leave general chat to the kiddies.

– Sign up before 19:00 servertime. After this time, your signup will likely not be considered anymore.

– Sign up with a note if you’re going to be up to a maximum of 30 minutes late. Sign as a backup with a note if you’re unsure, or if you’re going to be more then 30 minutes late.

– During 19:00 and 20:00 the officers are deciding on the raiding teams. Please try to not be an overbearing whisperer during these times, unless it’s really necessary. Questions like “am i raiding tonight” will likely not be answered till the teams have been put up.

– If you turn up late (after the first trash pull), you will not be invited to a raid team unless it was approved by an officer in advance.

– Be on time and bring your flasks and potions. We will not provide for you during a raid, and if you’re not using your reagents we will likely replace you.

– After a wipe get rebuffed and well fed quickly. Get back to the boss room and get these done ASAP so we can get the next pull going. Don’t wait until just before the pull to flask, as the raidleaders are waiting for you to flask before they pull.

– Be fully gemmed, enchanted, and specced to the current fight. If there’s anything missing, you wíll be replaced. Don’t give the gold excuse in an expansion where gold is nearly thrown at you, and even if not, there’s plenty of people willing to help.

– If you’re going to need a break at any point, discuss this with the raidleader. If we have to wait without knowing the reason, we will replace you.

– Have an up-to-date version of DBM/BigWigs/another reputable boss-mod addon installed and enabled.

What raiders can expect from us :

– Every day between seven and eight we make the team. Around eight you’ll know which team you will be in for that day.

– If there are skips we try and make sure that people that get skipped on day one, will not get skipped on day two. This is not a 100% guarantee, but it is very unlikely to be skipped twice in a row unless there’s personal circumstances like a low ilevel, a low output on healing or dps, or raid awareness issues.

– Raiders get their loot based on DKP. You receive 20 DKP per raid attended, and spend this on a set amount of DKP per item. The person with the highest amount of dkp wins if it’s the first item that person rolls on.

– There is a 1 item per raid rule, meaning that if you got something, it becomes a lot less likely you’ll receive another. Let’s say there’s person A and B.

Person A has 500 DKP,  and person B has 200 DKP.

On the first drop, person A and B roll. Person A wins, because he has the highest DKP.

On the second drop, both roll again. Person B wins, because person A already had something.

On the third drop, both roll again. On this drop it’s going to be decided on the roll, unless the raidleader decides otherwise.

– There’s the regular rank rule member -> initiate/social. Generally speaking initiates will receive loot over socials, but this is up to the raidleader.


Then, an undefined rule. In 5.4 there will be a progression team. This team will be set out to try and get us the best progression possible. This will be a set group of people, probably 13~15 people, that will rotate in and out of the progression/normal teams, to not have splintercells within the guild. If you’re not part of this team (yet) and you feel you should be, discuss this with one of the officers. Do remember there’s a limited amount of spots for this team.

When there’s  not enough raidleading officers present, we have a seperate raidleading rank. This rank will be given to a person on a weekly basis, that will carry out the raidleading the same fashion an officer would do. In addition, this person will have rights to get extra gold out of the guildbank, have access to a bank tab with reagents, and access to the officer chat. This rank will be removed at the end of the raiding week, and might be given to another member that will carry out the job of raidleader if there is need for it.

If there is any questions regarding DKP, ask them to the raidleader or officer that was with you in the raid where your dkp gain/charge is missing. If there’s any other questions regarding our raids, feel free to ask any of our officers for a chat 🙂

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